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The Rosalie Chandelier: a classic French piece with a fresh update

A chandelier is an elaborate decorative light fixture that hangs from the ceiling and casts flickering highlights on the walls and floor below. The term “chandelier” comes from the Old French word meaning candle holder, which was derived from Latin candela, meaning candle.

They can be made of glass or crystal and hang down in chains or rows from the ceiling; sometimes, they are also attached to walls.

Light it up

A prevalent shape for these chandeliers is the French Empire style, which features a round or oval-shaped central fixture with decorative swags of beads suspended on either side.

However, the more modern trend in chandelier{Kronleuchter} design leans toward using elementary shapes and symmetries to create beautiful light fixtures that are artistic and functional; an example of this kind of design would be our Rosalie Chandelier.

An impressive combination of silver and gold tones. The glass element in the middle and the glass hanger are made of Mercury glass, which is particularly noticeable due to its structure.

It has a large size that makes it suitable for larger rooms with high ceilings or dividing walls between living areas.

This piece can be displayed on its own as well as part of a collection alongside other similar styles within our catalog if you want to achieve a particular style or theme throughout your home – modern industrial chic or traditional French elegance? You decide!

The Rosalie chandelier emits a warm, soft light. This may have the effect of increasing someone’s mood positively. However, it is not just any type of lighting that can do this – it must be unique in some way and emit the right kind of atmosphere in order to achieve such an effect on people’s emotions.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, The Rosalie also has practical benefits when used as part of your home decorating scheme: and is easily installed with standard E27 sockets.

The Bottom Line

A great solution for rooms without natural light sources; creates ambient illumination through glass shade diffuser; good level of brightness due to 40 pieces high quality LED lamps mounted inside.