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Custom Rigid Boxes: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Custom rigid boxes are a great way to present your products attractively and memorably. They can be used for items like clothing, electronics, or even food! This article will go over everything you need to know about custom boxes. You’ll learn what they are, some of the different types of materials available.

What are Custom Rigid Boxes?

A custom rigid box is made specifically to fit around your product. They are typically used for long, flat items like clothing or electronics. The standard size of a custom box would be 36″ x 24″, but they can come in different sizes depending on the client’s needs and their products.

This type of packaging also has extended capabilities that include folding cartons with locking tabs, partitions for separating multiple items inside, molded corner protectors, high-end graphics printing options available, all at affordable prices.

What are Custom Rigid Boxes made up of?

The custom rigid boxes are made up of different materials that range in durability and cost. Below is a list of the most common materials used, along with their benefits:

Corrugated Plastic: The standard among custom boxes, corrugated plastic comes in either white or brown (depending on your preference). It’s very durable and affordable, which makes it perfect for shipping products all over the world.

Policy: Polystyrene is another popular material that is used to create custom boxes. It’s very light and robust, which makes it perfect for shipping products over long distances.

Cardboard: Cardboard isn’t as standard as polyester or corrugated plastic, but it can be an attractive option depending on your company’s needs. While cardboard doesn’t typically last as long as other materials like corrugated plastic, it still provides excellent design capabilities with its matte finish similar to paper stock printing at a fraction of the cost.


Custom rigid boxes are a great way to encourage brand loyalty and increase sales. In addition, the different types of materials they’re available to allow you to customize your order based on your company’s needs and budget.